SERGE CHARETTE is the exclusive representative of the products manufactured by White Oak Custom Woodworking Ltd since 2002 (Eastern Ontario to Kingston including Ottawa up to North Bay, Quebec and Maritime Provinces)

We offer representation, technical support and after-sales service to all customers wishing to use our products.

Given the multiple choices of products and the complexity of constantly evolving manufacturing methods, we have created this website to facilitate your research work. We have the concern to transmit the knowledge of the products to allow an enlightened choice.

Our goal is to support our client in a successful shopping experience in every respect.

How to get our products?
Architects, Designers, Real Estate Developers, Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers and Consumers

a) If you want samples ?
b) If you would like to be referred to a cabinet manufacturer who uses our products to bid on your project ?
c) If you want a quote to order doors, panels or rolls of edge band ?

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